Monday, July 11, 2011

Update on fridge question

We made a decision!!!

Model # 2!!!

We found the exact same model in a 28 cu. ft (which is why it was more.  For the same price as Model #1 we would have gotten the 25 cu ft one.  Either way....we are happy).

Model  #2 had features we loved, better appearance and a MUCH better warranty.  The ice maker is in the door and still has door storage, freeing up more inside space too.  It had a larger area for ice and water and did come with an ice tray on the bottom.  (I'm sorry...but if the thing cost more than $2000, you should get an ice tray.  You should not have to purchase it separate.  That's just the company being cheap...which makes you wonder...)The reviews were really good too!

Model #1 was nice, but not as nice.  It did have a feature #2 didn't, but it wasn't something on our "must have" list. All the model #1's had the same broken handle on the bottom freezer at the store.  It didn't have as good of a warranty.  The reviews were good, but said it had a noisy ice maker (one guy said it woke him up at night).  The ice and water were not in the door but in the fridge part, taking up more space.  And honestly, it wasn't as pretty to look at either.  It had NO ice tray.  lol Not a big deal...but at the same time....I just can't get passed a company being that darn cheap.

So model #2  it is!!  Thanks guys!

I have laid off my countdown because I don't think anyone was interested in it.  I just didn't want ya'll to think I forgot.  I just don't want to waste anyones time, or mine for that matter, writing something no one reads.

This week  is more packing because next week we close! 

Have a good one!  =)


  1. Not interested in the countdown...what???...I just figured you got too busy for it. I would be interested to know what the two models were now that you have made a decision.

  2. Aw...BD. I didn't think anyone really read it. It didn't ever really get comments, but I looked back on it on my posts and they were definitely getting read. lol

    LOL The model makers were Samsung and LG. Samsung has been around a while. But I was disturbed by every one having the same broken door handle, same spot. But it's been around longer and has a loyal following. It did have a fast freeze feature that was cool.

    We own an LG LCD TV and both my new washer and dryer are LG too. I love them! They've come a long way. The warranty on the LG was MUCH better too. The industry standard (and samsung's) is 1 yr limited. LG's is 1-7-10 year. 10 years on the compressor. The only one offering that!

    I know Samsung is a great brand. But we really like the LG better. So we're going with it.
    This is what it looks like...only NOT 30+ cu. ft. lol

  3.'s a little tidbit...everyone thinks LG is a fairly new company...WRONG!!! The company is a Korean company that used to be called Goldstar and has been making appliances since 1958(Samsung was founded in 1969). They eventually merged with a company called Lucky, hence the initials LG. In 1995, LG purchased Zenith (one of the last American manufacturers of TVs). Their slogan "Life's Good" is a backronym. Just thought I would share this since I have heard many many people say the same thing...Company xxx has been around a lot longer then most cases LG has been around longer.

  4. LOL I know LG has been around for years and years as other names. But since going to the name LG and revamping the last 5 or so years (that's what I meant by newer, In the past 5 or so years the name LG has gotten bigger as they have improved many of their products) they have actually shown to be one of the leaders in the household appliance industry (tv's, refrigerators, washer/dryers, and recently...Vacuums too).

    BD, you since of knowledge astounds me! Always impressive!

  5. Wow, looks like I'm going to have to back away from my mantra of "no fridge made by a tv company". Thanks for the detailed info Noey and BD - that makes me feel better about including LG in my fridge search. I think I'll skip the samsung altogether. why make it too hard?