Monday, July 11, 2011

News, more news, and countdown catch-up

First my countdown catch-up.  BD said he read it, and when I glanced back over the stats, they were getting I'll continue.

#13  Ryan's follow-ups!

I am so impressed with "follow-ups" and such Ryan has.

Our first big meeting after we signed our contract and picked all our options and colors was our Pre-construction meeting.  We saw the blueprints, and went over EVERY SINGLE OPTION we picked to make sure everything was right before they actually started the house.  Then we went down to the lot and were able to see the stakes of how the house would sit on the lot.  NICE!

Then we had our Pre-drywall meeting.  This is where you get to look through the house before all the drywall goes up, ask questions, voice concerns.

Then there is your Pre-Settlement walk-through.  Your PM has a 2-4 meeting with you.  You look over every nook and cranny in you home.  You make sure everything is the way it needs to be, or it gets fixed before closing.  Your PM also shows you how to work everything and goes over how to care for it all.  VERY NICE!!

Then, there is your 30 day follow-up.  A month after closing, Ryan wants to know how things are going.  Does a door stick?  Floor squeak?  Something bothering you or not up to par?  You get to tell them now and they'll fix it!  =)

Then there is your 10 month follow-up!!  Yup!  Just about a year after closing, they check in on you again!!!  How awesome is that?  A lot of builders hand you the keys at closing and you're on your own.  Some builders in my area started to follow Ryan's lead here, but then some cut it back out.  Hmmmm....wonder why?  Ryan really takes care of their people.  IMPRESSIVE!!  We we're mighty impressed by this!!

# 12  My Patio!!

I am thrilled that I got to customized my paito!  It runs the length of the house from the morning room on, and is as wide as the morning room itself!  I'm excited to one day be able to entertain here!  =)

I'm also excited that I'm not having a deck to have to stain, replace boards on eventually, termite treat, try and mow under....yadda yadda yadda.  So much less work with a patio!

I'll do a few more tomorrow to catch up some more.

Some news:  One blogger's blog page had a comment that said her blog was on Ryan's website.  Really?  Interesting....  Wonder how that happened?  I'm not sure if it's at or some other Ryan site.  But Congrats to the blogger!  Neat!  Not why we do it, but neat none the less.  We all blog to share our experience with Ryan AS IT HAPPENS...honestly.  And we blog to share and get support from others going through the building the process (who else is going to be excited about egress windows and piles of wood?  lol  Those of us living it too!!   That's who!)

So if anyone knows where this site is the person was talking about, please let me know!  I'd love to check out who's there and what they're all saying.  lol  I'm so nosy.  lol

Other news:   My family may decide NOT to build in my neighborhood after all.  =(   They were very upfront from the beginning with Ryan and the other builder they are looking at.  They were torn between the 2 builders and neighborhoods.  Communication seems to be a bit faster with the other builder so it's easier for them to make decisions and come to final answer there.  But, we'll see.  Hoping it gets better!  I would love to have them as neighbors!!  =)   I'll keep ya'll posted.

I haven't gone by the house today.  I'm showing restraint!  lol  Hope too on Wed. though.

So that's it.  Those are my updates!  Ta ta for now!


  1. oooh....10 more days!! SOOO exciting. I'm quite pleased with the amount of followup care they offer, it gives a nice little peace of mind.

  2. I agree with the followup and all the meetings along the way...they really make you feel part of the process before and after. We didn't ask, but a deck and/or patio did not seem to be an option, but I think I would rather do one myself. I do agree about a patio vs deck. We are currently replacing all the deck boards and railings on our existing deck just to help sell the was not in good shape at all and I can only imagine a potential buyer walking thru our beautiful french doors only to find a worn out deck and immediately thinking about the dollars needed to replace it...there goes that sale.

  3. We asked about a patio and were told the costs were $6 a sq. ft here. We could customize the size and just pay it. So we did. They poured our patio when they poured our foundation. =)

    Readers, NEVER be afraid to ask questions. Better to ask and get some kind of answer than to not ask and miss out on opportunities. The worst that can happen is that they say no. No biggie. You aren't the worse for wear. I have found that Ryan Reps are more than happy to answer all your question, and even looking into having them done if they don't already know the answers.

    Some bloggers have gotten custom showers approved and other walls moved. ASK!!! If you ask, you have a 50/50 shot. If you don't, you have no shot.

  4. Noey is absolutely right...we didn't ask about the patio...first because we don't have the mindspace to think about what we want right now and two we want to do something special...combination patio, hardscaping, landscaping, small water feature, and hot tub...

    Ask for it and if you don't like the answer, ask again...if your sales rep is saying no to wayyy too many or call the district office. As I said in another post, we have over 50 additions (standard and custom) since we signed our contract which already had a whole bunch of additions already...not too much that isn't possible.

  5. Wow! We were told by 3 different contractors that with the ground settling that a patio would crack if we didn't wait at least a year? We decided on a trex transcend deck. Should last 30 years! I wanted a patio but was to afraid! And wanted it right away. I hope they were wrong or maybe it was just our house with the fresh dirt from grading. Not sure! So exciting 10 days for you, and 4 or me!

  6. Agree with that too, especially if we do something with patio blocks instead of poured concrete...don't want things settling underneath and have it going all over the place.

  7. Good Morning Noey, its Rocky.. almost there I am so excited for you and your family, and we can soon finally get to meet each other soon. question for you, have you heard anything about the shed or fence issue yet?

  8. Hey!! I just sent an email to C. asking for an update. I'll let you know what I hear. =)

    I'm trying to pack like crazy. I don't know that I'll be 100% ready for this move, but I'm trying! Next Friday is the big close day! =D

    Can't wait to finally meet ya'll!

  9. Yes, I love Ryans follow ups! It is very reassuring. I did ask about the deck/patio, but was given the 50/50 answer of "No" lol, but other custom options they did say they would honor, although we chose not to go with it! thanks for returing the 30 day count down Noey! The nerve of you to deny us the rest of the countdaown! lol just kidding :)

  10. I should have thought of the follow-ups for our countdown and somehow it has slipped by. That is a great countdown! thumbs up for the follow-ups. Our follow-up will be in 2 weeks. OMG it will be a month since I will live in our new house crazy!!!! It has gone by fast.