Monday, July 18, 2011


Just got our closing costs!  Less than originally thought!  So yippee for that! 

Also just did an assessment of our finances.  We can close on this house, get 21 blinds for the windows (plantation), the blinds for the sliding glass door (decorative...not plain), a garage door motor, 2 fans, 3 lights, a storm door, & 7 bar stools and STILL have money in savings!!  WOOHOO!!  Well, more than I had originally anticipated so I am super excited!

AND....and and and.... my FIL is ordering our Fridge!!!!! 

I am over the moon excited!!  You guys have no idea!! 

God is good!  Life is good! 


  1. Yaaay! You are living the good and blessed life! Good news, I like this post better than "packing hell" lol....glad you have something to smile about as you pack and clean. :)

  2. *blushes* Yeah...yesterday was tough! But today much better. I did comment on that Pack Hell post about the perspective I gained. =)

    Thank honey! I feel so very blessed!!

  3. So happy for you Noey!! YIKES, 21 blinds??!! We had to get 13 and I thought that was bad!! LOL Have fun picking your new stuff out! DH just hung the rods and curtains today in our morningroom and we've been in our house since Dec.! It's ALOT of work, but so worth it in the end. GS

  4. That means you will have enough in savings for a Partridge in a Pear Tree...just kidding.

    On a serious just made me cringe...21 blinds...we have 60 windows...oh dear lord!!!!

  5. That's some wonderful news. God is good!

  6. Congrats Noey!! We got the RH blinds option. We have A LOT of windows and they will suit every window and sliding door with blinds. I thought they would look horrible and cheap but I saw them at CTI and they are actually decent! At least good enough to move into and take time to swap out later on. Plus I HATE having to measure and hang blinds Im fine with them doing it ;)

    Your SO close!!! I can't hardly believe that you will be spending your next weekend in your NEW home!!! YAAAY Im so happy for you and your famil!!

  7. noice! did you get a home inspection?

  8. We had one at pre-drywall, but that's it, DT.

    We have a list of things to look for at our meeting tomorrow.