Thursday, July 7, 2011

wall being plum

What does that mean?  (see my last post and comments for updates explaining this if you're lost)  After explaining what I saw to my DH, here is the explanation I got from him:

The wall in the hall must be leaning into one of the rooms at the top and needs to be straighten out by about 2 inches from what I saw.

I have NO idea how this is fixed.  No wonder the workers were complaining today.  But I'm glad they're going to fix it.

A part of me is still worried b/c I overheard the one worker say "I'd never live in this house".   It scares me.  Especially since a downstairs' wall is the one that needs fixed.

But I also remember what Chelly said about needing to pass inspections and we should be fine.

So the best we can tell, that's what's up.  I keep reminding myself of all the prayers I have said over this house and how the I know the Lord led us to it.  I have to believe it will all turn out okay, and that He's looking out for us.

I must say, I am beyond impressed with our PM.  I'm so glad he is the one over seeing everything.  I am confident our kitchen light will be turned the right way before closing.  =)  I can't believe he went back over to the house to turn off the fireplace, at around 9 pm tonight too.  He has gone above and beyond for us.  He'll probably be ready to get rid of us.  lol  But he has been amazing.  And I'm thankful.  I think we should give him some kind of gift after closing...but what do you give the man who over-saw your dream come true, looked out for you, and went above and beyond for you?

It's been a long day.  I'm tired.  And I still have to write in my journal (I've kept one through this whole process as a testimony).  Wish I could have typed it.  It's so much faster....SOOOOO much faster....than actually writing it.  But it's not the same and not what I was called to do.  *shrugs*

Our PM (or PS) is suppose to go back tomorrow and make a detailed list of things to be fixed.  Next week is the final touches.  Then it's landscaping the following week, our pre-settlement walk through, and closing.  Man, I need to pack more!

Good night blogging world.  I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!


  1. They couldn't see the wall wasn't straight when they first put it up? Don't they have levels?
    You would think they would check then double triple check the level after doing it and during....

    Anyway, has anyone heard how kristing is doing with her tub fix? (
    She ahsn't updated since.

  2. I have no idea. I know it's not a "load bearing" wall. So that's good news.

    Hubby talked to PM and feels confident that this is not a huge deal and will be fixed properly. Something about not really to be able to tell until the dry wall went up. I'm glad it was caught and is being fixed (we sure didn't notice 2 inches being wrong!)

    Our PM told us in the beginning he would treat our home as if he was building it for him or his family. And he apparently reiterated this to my DH VERY matter-of-factly.

    During our process he has caught things we never even knew about or knew to check on. He has always been up front with us. I believe that if we were going to have a major problem on our hands, we would tell us. Maybe I'm being naive, but that has been our experience with him so far.

    Time will tell. But I have faith.

  3. Yes have faith Noey. I know they will be okay and the fact that they were there at night fixing it is really a tesimony of your PM doing his job. He knows how that you aware of mostly every detail the average Joe, wouldn't even think twice about. I am sure if there is anyone's house they would want to screw up, that would be yours! :) Hoe everything goes well!

    Sheesh, I can't believe that you will have grass soon and be settling! I remeber when you first emegered onto the blogging scene! :)

  4. I think Chelly meant I am sure if there is anyone's house they would NOT want to screw up, that would be yours! :) LOL look above.

  5. :)

    *NOT Yours!*

    I get off at 4:30 from work! That's what I get for typing a post so close to quitting time! ;)