Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FINAL WALK THROUGH and # 2 and if you have Tile you'll want to read this

We had our final walk through today (pre-settlement walk-thru).  It was my our PM, my hubby and myself, and our Realtor.  The more eyes the better!  Let me tell you though, it's so hard to not just come home, grab stuff and start moving in!  lol

The meeting took us about 2 hours, but that's mostly because we kept getting off track chit chatting.  lol  He told us in the beginning it should last an hour to an hour and half (please note, the bigger your house is, the longer this meeting gets).  So we didn't do too bad jumping off track. We went through every inch of the house and every warranty.

I stopped up all the sinks and tub, and they all held water.  =)  No sticking doors.  No creaky floors.  Every wall plate had all it's screws.  =)  lol  Now the  plates for the sockets that are 1/2 hot, (where a switch on the wall turns something on or off that you have plugged in) are all installed upside down so you know which ones they are.  lol  That was kinda neat!

He went over how to care for everything!  We are very pleased!

We did find 4 minor things:
1.  some of the rods that hold up the shelving in the closets needed tightened a little more.
2.  there was a little bubble in our kitchen tile at one spot
3.  the tiniest ding on the microwave (I can't believe hubby noticed it.  It took all of us some time to find what he was talking about).
4.  One corner of my island cabinetry was a tiniest bit dinged up.  Seriously...tiny.

All these items are to be fixed!  We Nit picked it all a part!  lol  And this was our list!   Our PM flagged down his punch guy as we were leaving to go over the list with him immediately.  NICE!!!!

I can't believe we are so close now!!  The little girl I use to babysit, who is also building up the street from me, is closing the same day I am.  Who knew?

I am so happy!  My husband is happy.  We are just thrilled not only with our soon-to-be home, but with the service we've gotten.

Now, here is a little something to make ya'll chuckle:  We are moving this weekend, right?  Hubby's back still isn't great, but it's getting there.  I have messed not only my knee up, but pulled a muscle behind my shoulder blade.  And, just for giggles, it's suppose to be 99 degrees Saturday.  Real temp.  Real feel over 105.   Can you believe our circumstances?  LOL  At this point, we just chuckle about it all.  We know we may move a bit slower than anticipated, but we WILL get moved!  It will get done.  =)


If you have tile in your bathroom shower/tub, you will want to seal that grout ASAP before it is EVER used!!  Once it gets wet, you have to let it dry anywhere from 1-5 days before you can seal it.  It's best to do it immediately upon closing if you can.

If you don't seal it, the porous grout will absorb anything that comes in contact with it.  Not only will this eventually staining it, but it also becomes a wonderful breeding ground for mold.  You also don't want the moisture behind your tiles either.  It could also cause issues with mold and other complications.  So seal it first!!

ok...# 2 on my countdown:  HOA!!!

That's right!  You read that right!  I know we don't currently have one, but it is in all the paperwork that we WILL have one!

My old neighborhood had one.  And like most people in neighborhoods with HOA's and no pool, we complained.  But then we moved here.  To a neighborhood with NO HOA.  People don't mow their lawn.  People leave Christmas decorations up ALL YEAR LONG.  And you wouldn't believe some the hideous things people think may good lawn decor.

I am happy to be going to a place that has one again.  A place that is going to make sure people keep up with their properties like they should, and not put hideous things out on the lawn (toilets....for example.  Not in my neighborhood, but a friend did see this in a neighborhood with no HOA.  Classy huh?)  And yes...eventually we should have a pool, and I'm stoked about that too!!

Hurray for HOA's!!  (Did I really just say that?)


  1. oh I'm so happy for you both!! Finally you can move in and enjoy your new home. Gosh, its not even my house and I'm excited!! Hope you'll post pictures and keep blogging on how things are going after you move in. congrats!!

  2. Thanks hon!!

    I plan too! I have them coming to set up internet and phone the day of closing! lol Now weather I can get it to work or not is a totally different story!

  3. I have to agree with you about Home Owners' Associations. You hear horror stories from time to time (they always seem to be about retirement communities in Florida LOL), but on the whole I believe them to be a force for good. A properly-run, transparent and representative HOA can be a real boon for a family community. If properly executed, they can encourage community friendliness and participation. Maintaining a development without an HOA would be quite difficult, particularly if there are lots of community spaces and amenities such as a pool.

    Thank you for the tip about tiles. I'll put that down on my Grand List of Stuff To Do.

  4. Wow Noey, what a day! I'm so excited for you and our HOA,s now prevent a lot of foolishness although I thunk they are over priced! I am happy to be moving into a neighborhood that has HOA but at a fragment of our current house!

    Thanks for the tips on tile! We have tile in our master bathroom and secondary bathroom so I'm happy to learn about all these tile tips!

  5. I wasn't through writing about the paint on my blog response to you thanks to a puppy emergency, but I was going to let you know that I used the tape on the wall with eggshell paint when I painted the one wall, and it held up ok without any issues just in case you didn't want to use flat throughout your house. (I hate the feeling of it!)

    You are SOOO close to closing!! Hopefully you can sleep better through excitement than I can. And hopefully you and the hubby are feeling 100% by moving day! Drink some wine during the move, it will cease all pain. hehe. :)

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  7. Noey ~ I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS and hope all goes well with your move. I feel for you and DH with the pulled back/muscles on top of the heat! {{{HUGS}}} I did the same thing right before we moved back in Dec. NOT FUN!!It took weeks to feel better.

    I can't post on some blogs, but I do read and enjoy them even though I have been in my RH (Florence) since Dec.! Wish I had found them before we built, would have learned some things! We did build our first RH way back in 1980! YEP, I could be Grandma to some of you!! LOL


  8. OMG, I can't believe it's already that time. It seems like we just started the framing. Congrats, can't wait to see pictures. Remember to keep everyone hydrated during the move.

    Thanks for heads up about the sealer.

  9. Thank you everyone!

    I'm glad I could help with the tile stuff.

    And ATNS: I have already stocked up on water, soda, and beer. So no matter what their preference, anyone helping me move will be taken care of. =)