Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nervous Nelly and # 14 *UPDATE*

If anyone else who has closed still reads this, were you nervous the closer to closing you got?

I am so nervous that something is going to go wrong.  Maybe I'd feel better if our darn L.O. would get back to us!!  We've been calling her for OVER a week to get our loan number so we can finish setting up our Homeowner's insurance.   Then, once we have that done, we can give our L.O. our final #'s and she can give us our closing costs.  I am soooooo unhappy that she has not gotten back to us yet.  She knew we were working this.  So if she went on vacation, it would have been nice to get an email or something stating she would be out of the office.  We're 2 weeks from closing and I was told they needed this information at this time.  GRRRRRRR

*please remember we are not using NVR directly but someone they broker with.  We have contacted NVR but their hands are tied right now.  We need our L.O. to contact us!

I'm just so nervous something is going to go wrong.  I just want a smooth closing and move.

Okay...enough about that... on to the countdown

#14:  SCHOOLS!!!

Adjacent too our neighborhood (for all intensive purposes, IN our neighborhood)  are both the elementary and middle schools! (you turn onto the main the road and have to pass them both before you get into the residential area)  YAY!!!  I am so happy they are so close by.  And the elementary school is the newest in the county and the middle school is the 3rd newest.  We have heard nothing but rave reviews of both schools.  I love that they are going to be so close by.  It makes getting ready for school easier in the mornings when the schools are that close by.  You are typically the last stop for the buses.   And if something happens at school and I need to get them, I am just a hop, skip, and jump away.

It's funny, I would never dream of making my kids walk to school.  But after looking at it the other day, I realized it's about the distance I would walk to school everyday.

When I was little, our elementary school was also located in our neighborhood.  And we walked to school every day about a 1/2 mile maybe one way, maybe a quarter mile.  Rain, sun, snow.  Uphill, both ways.  Yes, I mean that!!  We walked up hill and then down again to get there, and to repeat it on the way home.  And yes, we walked in all kinds of weather.  Sometimes my Grandmother would pick us up if it was pouring cats and dogs, but not always.  We had rain boots, rain coats, and umbrellas.

The world is a much different place now than it was when I was kid.

When we were little, we went outside to play and stayed out there for hours!  We jump from one house to another.  My Dad had a huge bell he would ring for us to come home for dinner.  Neighbors were friendly and were expected to look out for each other's children.  If we screwed up, our parents may not have been around, but we knew that a neighbor would scold us for sure and tell our parents.  I hated scoldings!  Life was so much more.... easy?  less dangerous?  Simpler?  Whatever you call it, it was different.

My 9 1/2 yr old daughter has a cell phone she is only allowed to use when she leaves our house.  It gets turned on and handed her at that time, and returned to me when she comes home.  I need to know where she is going, and I need a way to contact her or she can contact me.  Especially if they are going over to "Suzy's" house and once there they all want to go over to "Mary's" house. 

In my old neighborhood, a little girl was almost abducted twice while out playing in her yard (2 different days).  You hear stories on the news about church leaders killing kids.  And in my current neighborhood we have had adults fighting (with lead pipes in front kids), other flying down the road and pulling up into the yards of people they don't know to scream at other people the kinda know and threaten them (again, yard full of kids.  Thanks for not running over them!).   My husband won't let our daughter's spend the night with anyone unless we have met BOTH parents.  You just can't take anything for granted these days.  It's such a sad thing really.  Thus my daughter's cell phone when she leaves the house.  I don't think she is old enough to need her own cell phone just have one.  But I do want to make sure she is safe and has a direct line to me at all times, and I her.

Wow, this post kinda went all over the place.  Sorry!!  Back on track now!

Anyway... I am very thrilled to be having both schools right here.  Kids thrive on stability (YAY!!  I can finally give them that!)  And having both schools next to each other and in our neighborhood, I believe, will also help in providing that stability for years to come.

LO's process is getting the insurance information together for us!  =)


  1. So I am so glad I have found this site. We are in the beginning stages of building the Milan in Glen Burnie, MD... We have seen all the "bad" publicity concerning Ryan Homes, I just starting searching for some good news from people building with Ryan Homes... Thanks for the blog, it is truly appreciated... Anyone out there from Maryland??

  2. Welcome Shadybrook!!! =D Welcome to our online Ryan Home's E-neighborhood (as we have dubbed it).

    I have two other blogs I follow who are building Milans. One is about to start framing and one just closed! Also, there are few building other homes in MD! Feel free to look at my profile and at the other blogs I follow! =)

    What elevation are you getting? How far into the process are you? I have some good information in the tabs on the top. I also have a blog entry for Milan owner's showing some color schemes and elevations. =) Take a look around! Ask questions.

    Congrats on your house!!

  3. Thanks so much Noey814, we have elevation C and we going to L.O. tomorrow... we have chosen everything including lot and waiting for flooring and wiring appt. as well... We are extremely excited and totally love our rep! So after the appt. tomorrow I guess we are playing the waiting game?? We are first-time home buyers ;) Yes I read all the info. on all the tabs and they are totally helpful and such great information, thank you for this blog. I'm sure it will help with our sanity and anxiety :)

  4. Wow, that is crazy..2 weeks 'til closing and the L.O. hasn't gotten back to you yet? wow.

  5. Shadybrook: We started out with Elevation C! LOVE IT!!! We ended up with Elevation L instead because it was less than $400 more for it, and we just loved it too. lol You picked a great Elevation.

    And yes...the waiting game!! lol But you shouldn't have to wait too long for those meetings.

    Aw!! Your welcome. I love blogging! I hope that it helps others somehow along the process as well. It's definitely a great outlet for me! lol I started it because I found a lot of bad junk about Ryan online too. Then I ran across a few blogs and thought I would give it a try too. I'd be honest about the whole thing. And I have been. =)

    Just remember whenever you research ANYTHING online, you are going to run into more negative than positive. People with positive experiences just go on with their lives. It's those who aren't happy that take to the 'net' and vent and get help.

    Anon: Yup. NOT HAPPY about that. That's why I'm freaking out.

  6. we are 6 days away and I get more nervous with each passing day!!! I can relate, I get nervous about everything. Glad to hear your LO responded. I know when we bought our current house (not through NVR) it was only a couple of days beforehand that we learned the closing costs, so it sounds like it is similar for a lot of banks. BUT...that is still not an excuse for them taking so long to respond to you. They could have at least let you know they received your msg, and were working on things for you to put your mind at ease!