Saturday, July 16, 2011

#6 Dream Kitchen!!

I am so over-the-moon about my kitchen!!  Or, as Mater put it, I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park.  lol  ( kids love that movie)


I have always wanted the antique white kitchen with granite counter tops.  Now I have it!  And I'm most excited about how ornate the cabinets are.  They are not as plain as some of the cabinets out there (ahem...ikea). 

I have always wanted an island, and now I have it too!

I have always like the look of stainless steel, but have never had one appliance that was S.Steel.  Now I do!

Yes, this is a dream kitchen for me. A kitchen I can't wait to cook in!!

Man, what will I make first?  London Broil, mashed potatoes and gravy?  Pot Roast?  Chicken and broccoli and cheese stuffed croissants?  A pasta?  Meatloaf?  I have NO idea what our celebratory dinner will be yet.  If we had a grill, it would be steak!  With asparagus and a salad!  Mmmmm  (we have delish way of cooking it the asparagus!)  Something else for me to plan.  lol  I think I'm leaning toward the London Broil....  We'll see.

Man... I can't wait to use the kitchen!  I'm not sure what my favorite room will be..... Our kitchen or our bedroom.  It's a close call for sure!  lol


  1. I think your kitchen looks great and bravo to you for going with the antique many of us have gone with the dark cabinets and I think you may be the only one with the white.

    I am thinking that you will be soooo busy and tired from moving that your first meal in your home will be pizza!!!

  2. LOL BD!!

    Our first meal will probably be one of three things: Pizza, Chinese take-out, or Subway. lol But the first thing I MAKE is totally different! lol

    Thanks, btw. We originally had cherry with this granite. But I have always wanted these cabinets so we did a change order. lol I'm so glad we did. I know antique white isn't for everyone, but I'm thrilled!!

  3. I have always liked the antique white, it feels elegant and homey at the same time. We didn't have that as an option, but I probably would have chickened out! Lol, we chose maple spice because they were the free upgrade they were offering and I wanted something a little warmer but not to dark, so we shall see how it turns out....