Friday, July 22, 2011

You'll never guess where I am and what happened.

Hello friends.  You'll never guess where I am right now and what happened at closing.

First, my location.  I am typing this, from my laptop, in my brand new den!!!  =)  Internet on the first night baby!  lol  Told ya'll I wouldn't leave you!  lol

Closing was at one.  But we had a hiccup and didn't start until about 20 after. 

When we walked into the office our NVR Rep was there.  She didn't have to be.  When introductions were made, we hugged and cried together.  I am so thankful to her for helping make our dream to come true. 

The hiccup was in the HOA department.  We don't have one yet.  And the charged us $500 for it and the actual $200 the fees will someday be, even though our contract stated $0.00 for this.  So all get's fixed, so so we think...  At the end of closing we were handed check for MORE than the $700 listed.  We had them re-check the math before we accepted it. 

Ends up there was a buffer in the closing costs, just in case.  So...we got a large check back!!  And, we need to contact our RH Rep for the $200 HOA fee that was collected.  That was not refunded yet.  But my realtor says it will be.  So even MORE money coming back!   Isn't God amazing!   I am in such awe right now!!  I prayed for lower closing costs (originally est. at $4500).  $3500 would be good, but under $3000 would be better.  When our LO got in touch with us at the beginning of the week, our costs were in the $3500 zone.  But now with the refund check, they were under $3000!!!  =)  God is soo good and so faithful!

We moved over our kitchen tonight, the girls toys, and the tv (the surround sound rocks!!).  The girls and I, and my sister and her kids are all camping out in my new den even as I type this.  I am exhausted!!  But I have a long day of moving the rest of the boxes, clothes, and misc. stuff tomorrow.  My hubby works, but on Sunday he has a crew moving our furniture in.

Thank you all again for your support!!  GN!


  1. So happy for you NOEY!!! Enjoy your new HOME and the building of those memories with your lovely family!!!

  2. Yaaaay!!! Enjoy your home honey! It's long over due! I was so worried for you when you were going through all of those hiccups with the loan process, however you remained faithful even when others doubted it would happen. Your home and building process is a true testimony! Congrats again! I'm just sooo happy for you and yours!

  3. YAY Noey!! I'm so glad that things went well and now, tomorrow (today?) you get to cook breakfast in your new beautiful kitchen. Or, at least eat take out bagels in it. :)

  4. woooo hoooo!! Sounds like a dream come true....Very happy for you that all went extremely well with closing.....nothing like being given money at closing...what a gift! Hope you'll still keep us posted on all your new updates. I love seeing how everyone's houses has turned out and how they have painted or decorated me ideas for my own house :-) Enjoy your new home and I hope God continues to bless you and your family in all the precious ways he does!!

  5. So excited for you. God is good! Congratulations to you and your family. Many blessings to you.