Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sharing some good news

My DH (darling husband for you newbies) called.  My FIL (father-in-law) is going to buy us a brand new refrigerator for our new house!!!  He told us the store he would like us to pick one out at.  Which is fine by me!!  If he is going to be THIS generous I will shop wherever he suggests!!

Hubby and I are going tomorrow to pick one out.  It needs to be about 25 cubic ft I think.  And not too expensive!!  I do NOT want to take advantage!   I'm so excited!!!  I can't believe he is doing this.

My husband hoped he would, but I just thought that was WAY to big a thing to hope for.  Now my FIL is the one who also bought the bunk beds for our girls when we moved here.  I just don't know that we'll ever be able to pay him back for his generosity!


  1. Noey that is wonderful! One less thing for you to stress over! Your home is ABSOLUTELY beautiful, I cannot wait to see the completed product!!! And, let us know what refrigerator you pick! We need to choose ours, and I've never had to even think about choosing one before! hahahaha

  2. :) YAY, awesome news! One less thing you have to worry about, and that is so generous of him. Happy shopping!

  3. great news! My auntie told me she would buy furniture for my guest room or office for a gift! yayyyy, family really comes thru! :)