Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On the way to a friend's house this afternoon, we drove by the house (it was on the way).

To our surprise, we had workers and blue tap.  We didn't stay in long!  But we also got another surprise...A YARD!!!

Here are some pictures from today's quick visit:
a yard!

a tree


all fixed

turned the correct way

not sure it's in the middle of the kitchen, but
I'm pretty happy it's turned.  It helped.

Our laundry light.  It gives off pleanty of light

What an "unfinished" garage looks like
We just have to do this section to complete it.
Is it worth the price Ryan charges for you to have them do it?

My mailbox out at the street

Soon-to-be Home Sweet Home!!

Oh, that reminds me!!  One more thing....  My family put in an offer for a house!!  I'm excited!!  Fingers crossed!


  1. Wow looks really really good wow !!

  2. Your house turned out lovely Noey! The yard looks great and I am so happy that to hear that your family put in an offer! Fingers crossed for you! Also I'm happy to see more support for that beautiful granite! :)

  3. I love it! Everything is beautiful. I love the driveway, and it's different. Glad they got you island supported correctly.

    Good luck to your family.

  4. Thanks ya'll!! I'm soooo excited. This is a dream come true. And we are in love with our house. Ryan has been wonderful. Our Rep has been great and I can't imagine a better PM on the planet! I'm stoked! (yup. I said that. lol)

  5. Did you pay extra for the sod to be put in or is that standard in your area?