Friday, July 1, 2011

Tons of pics, questions and an "uh oh"

Went by the house this afternoon and got some pics of the downstairs.  Couldn't go upstairs, they were working.  And the last thing I want to do is get in the way!  So without further ado, pictures:

Morning Room


kitchen/den/dining (room in front of banister)

60/40 sink
You pull the nozzle part off and it turns into a sprayer

Surround sound wall speakers
Forgot to take pics of the ceiling ones.  *face palm*

Peek at the flooring and a STAINED banister

looking into kitchen

Dining Room Light

He was staining!!!

Flooring in mudroom/powder room/kitchen/morning room

Question:  here are the pics from underneath my you think there should be at least one more support?

my one support

I thought there would be another support somewhere here
(the one support is on the right)

and one here

And here is my "Uh Oh"

This was in the entry way between the mudroom and the kitchen.   Not sure what caused it =/,   I know they'll fix it though.

The kids REALLY wanted to go up stairs, but with them working, I said no.  But, when we left, they were bringing in our carpet padding!  =)

Can't wait to go back this weekend!


  1. Sent the pictures of the Island to my PM and asked him. We'll see!!

  2. Looking good, looking good!!!! I think I would like more support for the Island as well, at least one more.

    Your sink is great...I upgraded our faucet, but does that come with the deep sink automatically? I didn't see any options for that on my options sheet???

    and oooh no at the hole in the wall, im sure they will fix it before closing!

  3. The overhang all depends on the amount of supported granite versus unsupported. It's probably right but definately a good idea to ask J.

  4. Thanks ya'll!!

    I did ask J. and am waiting to hear back about the island.

    I'm not sure about the sink either. *shrugs* I'm just super happy with it!

  5. Again, the house is beautiful. In the model home near me, I thought the kitchen in the Milan was sort of small and dark, but with your lighter colored cabinets it looks huge! Really nice choice!

  6. Thanks RR!!!

    The kitchen is definitely more closed in than in most models. When you get the Gourmet Island you have no choice but to put the table in the Morning Room. Which is fine by us!

    We actually like that in this model the morning room is separate room at the end of the house vs. a room the connects the kitchen and den areas, so to speak.

    When we have family get togethers (or birthday or slumber parties) the kids tend to get a little loud. (go figure? lol) The fact that the table is in another room AWAY from everything else will help to dull some the noise vs. it being open to the whole house. You know?

    We also like that it makes it seem a bit formal. It is it's own room to eat in, away from the t.v. and distractions. So when we sit down for a family meal, it will be a bit more intimate (we do shut off the tv and such now, but it's an open space).

    Having the morning room in the back behind a wall like that does help seem smaller. lol Along with the bar area over looking the den. It may be a bit smaller than a lot of the models, I'm not sure. I just know it is perfect for us. (I think it's bigger than the Venice and Verona kitchens ... all measurements NOT including morning rooms).

    Thanks again hon!

  7. Noey, just curious, have you thought about what color to paint the kitchen with the antique cabinets?

  8. We are currently in negotiations over it. LOL We can't agree. lol We'll get there soon though.