Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank you Everyone!!

Thank you everyone!!  Thank you for taking the time to take this journey with me.  Your support and friendship has meant more than you could know.

I have been so emotional today.  To know we are about to embark on our LAST move to place we can finally call HOME.  I keep getting overwhelmed with emotion.  But it's a good thing.

I have learned so much through this process.  And not just about home construction and upkeep and care.  But about myself and my faith.

I'm not exactly the same person I was back in Feb. when my husband and I started this journey.  And I'm glad for that.  I know I still have a long journey ahead of me, but I can't wait to start this new chapter in our lives.

Tomorrow we close on our house and start our move.  =)  I'm pretty much in "GO" mode now.   I know the next week or so is going to be crazy!!  But in a weird kinda way, I'm looking forward to this kind of crazy.

I know our heat index here all weekend is between 105-110.  But we have plenty of water and I'm getting some gatorade too.  We'll be going at a little slower pace and allowing ourselves an extra day than originally thought to get it all done.  Better to be safe.

I'll check back in as soon I can.  =)  PROMISE!!

Thanks again, for everything!


  1. Good luck with tomorrow, and try not to melt! A good tip is to setup a hosepipe from your exterior water spigot that can spray a fine mist for you to run through from time to time.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! Good Luck in your new HOME!

  3. You BETTER be back, I can't wait to hear how everything goes tomorrow, and to see the house decorated.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS and wishing you nothing but happiness in your new home!

    Can I add a note to LaLady here too? Noey is so sweet she won't mind. CONGRATULATIONS to you and THANKS for the laugh's you provided!!


  5. Thanks ya'll!

    And of course GS!! Congrats to LaLady too! =)

  6. I hope you didnt melt today Noey and I hope you and hubby are feeling okay. I know one of you guys backs were a little messed up and I think someone's leg...smh i can't remeber all the details blame it on the heat and not the heart. Yesterday I had so much going on I didn't realize you and La lady closed today! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us thus far and I really appreciate all of your posts! Each one was very enjoyable and inspirational.

    When you lost your family member back in May, your posts really helped me. Since starting this journey I have two major deaths in my family. On March 27th my grandmother 70 years young passed, we celebrated her 70th bithday on March 26, the day before she passed it was very hard to get through. The in April we learned my grandfather who helped raised me was officially diagnosed with cancer. He was put on hospice care mothers day weekend and i had the pleasure of caring for him for a few days until my aunt got his room ready at her house. We enjoyed our time togther listening to oldies for goodies on my deck and praying together although he is scared of dogs and kept making comments about my 8 pound dog Ms. Chloe. When he passed on June 10 at age 73 (he celebrated his 73rd bday on May21) I was devastated but reading your blogs helped me to not feel alone and I appreciate that. It was very difficult watching him loose all the wieght and be in so much pain.

    Thank you Noey for keeping us prayed up and realizing how blessed we all are. I hope you are cooling off now and enjoying your new house with a kitchen to die for! No more worrying about loans, packing, or this or that.

    Enjoy it honey and I look forward to follow up posts! I know you will keep us updated on your house progress.

    *Sorry this was kinda long* I'm having one of "THOSE" kinda days... :) but I know you understand... :)