Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I wonder why it's different? And we think we got someone to seal our granite!

I was looking through the blog of another blogger who closed recently on a Milan (same model as me)

Here is a picture of their laundry light:

In my house the laundry light is the exact same as the little bulb kitchen light  (that we are replacing at closing) that is over the sink, seen here:
I wonder why we get two totally different kinds of lights? Maybe they had a lighting upgrade?  Some of the lights in the house are different (the dining light), but all the others are the same (except the one they picked out special for their daughter's room that Ryan installed for them...which my middle girl wants in her room now too.  lol)  *shrugs*  =(

My BIL also knows someone who does granite work and is talking to him about possibly sealing our granite for us!  OH HAPPY DAY!!! 

OH...and we are NO longer moving our tv in on Friday night.  I do NOT like the aspect of it being in the house with no one staying there over night.  I'm just asking for it to be stolen.  You know?   Now we'll be moving it first thing on Saturday.  =)  This way it is NEVER in the house over night without someone there.  Glad my brain finally kicked in here.  lol


  1. Ryan deals with many different suppliers, so maybe it is just the options they could select from were different in your neighborhood versus the other buyers. I've noticed slight differences such as door handles, sink & tub fixtures, etc.

    Smart idea not leaving a tv in the house overnight..especially since chances are you won't have window coverings up immediately too!

  2. LOL...does that mean you won't ever take vacation or will the kids have to play rock-paper-scissors to see who has to stay home and keep an eye on the TV when the rest of you go on vacation. :)

  3. We had thought that may be it too Becky. But it's your basic light you can pick up at any Lowe's or Home Depot (it does look like our lights were purchased at Lowes). A big florescent light (same as we BOTH have in our kitchen), we both have the smaller one too I believe, is not a lighting option I would think came standard. This particular blogger didn't upgrade a lot on the house (and it's still so pretty!). I think either I got shafted or he got lucky. I guess I'm just envious. I regret not putting a window in there. I like BRIGHT rooms. lol

    BD: There is ONE person who lives on my street. The entire neighborhood only has something like 8 homes that are occupied right now. Our neighbor is up and coming. And it sets a good quarter mile back off the road. You can't even see our neighborhood from the main road. With no one around to hear or see a break in, I just don't feel comfortable leaving my very expensive tv in a house with no window treatments to even hide it's there. Especially since I have named my neighborhood a few times in this blog, and my the picture of my house is right here one it. It's like I'm advertising for someone to come take it. lol

    It'll be different when we have neighbors. But one house on the entire street that's occupied (and not near enough to my house to notice someone breaking in) scares me.

  4. I just love your kitchen! Everytime I see it, I just smile and say to myself, "why didnt we choose these colors & styles?" lol enjoy and yeah I think until you get your security system up or at least some blinds, that is a good idea! lol

  5. Your granite looks beautiful it really does look good! I bet you cannot wait to move into your new home. Its getting a lot closer to moving date.

  6. Hey Noey,

    Sorry we haven't responded in awhile. We are the Milan you are refering to. Since closing its been a whirlwind of trying to get stuff done. There is just so much to do. We will be posting pics soon. As to your laundry room lighting question, we were a little suprised when we saw it too. The Milan model we walked through it was just like the light in the kitchen, when we walked through our house and saw the longer light I was fine with it becuase it was more light. I don't know if it was just standard for our neighborhood or what happened. Sorry if this isn't much help.

  7. HA...BD, I thought the same thing. I guess you have a point though Noey. It's like posting on fb, "hey guys, Im going out of town so if you're just a friend of a friend of a guy I once knew, come break it!"

  8. I know Noey and I knew exactly where you were coming from...it was the statement that it would NEVER be in the house alone that cracked me up and prompted my comment...what do we tell our kids...Never say NEVER!!! Seriously though...it all looks fantastic and we are so excited for you and your family to have this opportunity to start fresh.

  9. Brian, Ashley, Lilly: Yup!! You were the blog! lol I do love your light, but after looking at ours, it does give off plenty of light! =) So I'm good. I'm really kicking my self for asking to put a window in there though. Oh well. I love my house!

    I hope the unpacking for you is coming along! Can't wait to see more pics! Congrats again!

  10. *for not asking...

    Geesh...I really should NOT blog and play with my little girl at the same time. lol