Friday, July 15, 2011

It pays to ask! Update on sealing our granite *UPDATE*

A few days ago, I asked our rep for who installed our granite.  When she got me the information, I looked them up online and emailed them.  And guess what?  They can "can come out and put a lifetime sealer your granite for $250."

Really?  LIFETIME?  My husband is going to call them and ask a few more questions, but it looks like we're going to do it.  I have bought a granite cleaner that also has a bit of sealer in it, so every time you use it you are protecting the sealer.  We will save money in long run, and more importantly, our time.

I'll keep ya'll posted!

So my Dh called and talk to the Rep.  The sealer they do lasts for 15 years.  0.0  AND....get this.  There is already a temp sealer on it that should last up to year!  GET OUT!!  She told us to test it and see.  I knew how to test it from watching a TON of videos on youtube, but here is how you test if for those of you who don't know:

Put some water on your granite.  If it beads up (sits on top), it's sealed.  If the stone starts to absorb it, it's not.  ONLY USE WATER!!!  Granite is very porous and absorbs whatever is in contact with it.  If it absorbs water, the spot will get darker, but the water will evaporate out of it.  Anything else will stain it.  (my youtube education there.  lol)

Now, I plan on going over this weekend to check to see if it's sealed.  =)  They also told us to call them back before the year is up to come out to do the 15 yr/lifetime seal if we want it.  They strip everything off it and start from scratch.  But then you don't have to worry about it for 15 years!  SOOO WORTH IT!  If it's already sealed right now, we have time.  =) 

Again guys, never be afraid to ask questions!!  Because we asked, we found out we may not need to seal it after all!  (at least right away)  And we can get it done professionally for a good price and it will last a good long time.  =)  I'm so excited that instead of sealing things on Friday, we can actually START moving!  =)

Now I have to craigslist this bulletproof sealer I bought.  2 quarts, plus S&H, plus tax...$90 later....  I have to try and recoup some of my loss here.  (and it's suppose to last 3-5 see where the $250 for 15 years is a deal?)

Looking forward to her call on Monday to see about sealing our grout in both upstairs bathrooms....


  1. a LIFETIME sealer? that sounds like quite a deal...I would definitely pay to not have to do it every 1-3 years! I will have to check that out.

  2. That is what the representative from the company told me. My husband is asking how long "lifetime" means, what is involved (if anything) to keeping it up, and would there be an extra cost to seal our tile in the upstairs bathrooms. lol

  3. If you bought it from amazon, can't you return it fairly easily?

  4. not sure...I threw away the reciepts/packing slips...

  5. i think if you go into my account and print out the invoice, they may be able to take it can email customer service for amazon and tell them that you threw them away and see what they say..i think there is also a 1800 number you can call..just google amazon 1800 customer service number.