Friday, July 8, 2011

=D PMs Update

Our PM called while we were refrigerator shopping.  LOL  I was dealing with 3 kids, so DH talked him.  Here is what I have learned:

1.  Our new wall looks awesome!!  PM is super duper pleased!
2.  Our island DID have more corbels under it, but they were the wrong ones.  The right ones to be installed next week.
3.  There is NO issue with waiting for the right ones to come in.  No stress or harm to the granite.
4.  He is fixing our kitchen light.  Not only is it sideways and shouldn't be, but it needs to be moved to the CENTER of the kitchen.  He's on top of it!
5.  Our compression check thingy to check for our Energy Star Certification is next week.
6.  Our HVAC is on!  =)  Our Gas is on too! 
7.  Next week is more odds and ends and touch up.

Next week is interesting really.  There is an outside contractor, who actually USE to work for Ryan Homes but now is outside contractor, who will be coming by.  His job is to be the pickiest home owner in the world and pick our house apart and give the list to our PM who will then fix it all!  =D  So that's nice.

The following week is landscaping, final clean, walk through and closing!

And that's my update.  I am MOST pleased!!


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  2. Yaaaay! Great news and you'll be closing soon enough! Boy does time fly! Less than two weeks to go! :)