Saturday, July 2, 2011

A different kind of news.... and a vent/complaint

I didn't make it out to the house today.  Too much packing.  Then a big dinner, dessert, and fireworks in town.  I'm going to try to make it out there tomorrow.  Our carpet should be in!  *EEP!!* 

So I have something to complain about and then some news to tell you.


We were down in town tight watching the fireworks with the kids when three teenagers walk by with their fists in the air, chanting "white power" over and over again.  GRRRRRRR   And on top of that, one of them was black.  Really? 

This upset my eldest (she's 9 1/2) so much.  I had to spend the rest of the evening trying to explain to her that some people are just looking for attention and/or trouble.  She just doesn't understand why people would not like someone, let alone hate them, because of the color God chose to make their skin.  (what a good girl!)  We had a nice long talk about that too.  How we are all people, we all bleed red, we all have feelings.  Shouldn't matter what "color" people are.  People are people.  She gets it, she just doesn't understand why others don't.  How do you explain that to your child? 

Um...  People are stupid?  People are scared?  People are mean?  All that comes back with is "WHY?" 

So I would like to thank the ignorant teenagers out to get attention tonight.  They ruined our good wholesome family good time and really upset my child.  GRRRRRR

Ok, complaint over.  Now for some house news....sord of.

My family (a sister) decided to build on our neighborhood!  And they finally decided on a model house.....

*Drum Roll * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Dorsey Hall!   It's beautiful!  Lots of elevations!  Large too.  I'm not sure how large in comparison to the Avalon or Waverly or Courtland.  I think the Avalon is a little bit bigger as it starts a little higher in price.  But I'm excited for them.  They are waiting until after the weekend to talk to our Rep.  I think.   I hope it works out for them!

I know they've been toying with the idea of building home ever since we started actual construction.  It's been my prayer that they get this.  We'll see!!!  So... it looks like my sister will be neighbor (her lot is a much larger lot but overlooks my house.  We can see each other's houses!)  Our kids will be able to spend snow days together.  And when my niece starts kindergarten next year, she'll be riding the bus with both my girls (who should be in 2nd and 5th grade then).  So that will be nice.

For now, I'm excited for them!  Let's see what happens next!  =)


  1. Sorry you had a bad night Noey, ignorance is bliss!
    Yaaaay, that would be my dream come true if my sissy and family moved on my block! I would get to see my niece and nephew all the time!!
    I hope everything works out for her!

  2. Thanks Chelly!

    I hope it does too.