Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Countdown #11, 10, and 9.


We went from looking a foreclosed homes, to "used" homes, to building  a brand new home.  Why buy a "used" home (foreclosed or not) for the exact same amount we could a bigger, nicer, brand new home for?  One where everything in it was designed by us and one where everything in it has a warranty and will need fixed or replaced for a long time?  Yeah, no brainer!! 

Then there are Ryan's warranties:

1 yr warranty that covers workmanship and materials on everything but:
Painting, caulking grouting;
cuts, scrapes, nicks (we do those just by living there)
exterior brass

2 yr mechanical Warranty
covers the installation of concealed systems:
plumbing, electrical and HVAC

10 year structural warranty
this covers the structural integrity of
load bearing framing
roof trusses

5 yr compressor motor warranty 
Manufacturers' warranty, providing unit is serviced annually

Why even bother to look at a "used" home?  Or anywhere else for that matter.  Add all this and their energy star ratings....WOOHOO!!!

#10  New appliances

I am thrilled about getting new appliances.  We personally just got a new washer/dryer (LG and I LOVE THEM!!)  My FIL is assisting us in getting  a new fridge (LG too).  But I am super excited about all my new kitchen appliances!

The range we are getting is nice.  One of the burners you can decide the size to heat up.  One of the options is very large to help heat up my large skillets evenly, faster!  =D  HURRAY!!

The microwave seems nice too.  The one in the house I am in right now is the cheapest on the market.  blah.

Then there is dishwasher!!  OH MY!!  An Energy Star, quieter dishwasher!!  WOOHOO!!!  Are you kidding me?  I'm soooo looking forward to that!!  Energy saving AND quiet!  =)  How can you beat that?


I am excited about this feature (that seems to be in most of the Ryan Homes house plans).  I know that the size of the mudroom varies depending on which model home you are building.  And ours is one of the smaller ones, but it's nice to know you aren't just walking into a room.  (remember my hall post)

I like that we have this separate little area to hang things on hooks (such as coats, backpacks, ect.), a place to put the dog bowl, and a place to take off our shoes if need be.  Our mudroom even has closet!  =D  (our vacuum's new home.  lol) 

I, personally, think it's a great feature to have on a house.  MUDROOMS!


  1. I know!!!!! I was in the same boat looking at foreclosures to buying a older home to wow a brand new house for the same price OMG!!!!! What a steal...... Plus with the warranties it is a pretty sweet deal. I love love our brand new appliances. The days are going by pretty fast. :) Not too much longer.

  2. Same here! I think that is awesome that we get all of these warranties!