Thursday, July 7, 2011

=( You won't believe this crap. *THIRD UPDATE*


My sister and I stopped by the house this afternoon to measure the space for the refrigerator.  =)   A LOT was going on.  Cleaning ladies were there, and LOTS of workers!  And, some men were caring lumber into the house....can't figure that one out yet.

Anyway, while we were measuring some of the workers were apparently VERY upset to be in there working.  Saying how they would NEVER live in my house, and how "Ryan doesn't care, they just want it done".   I wish I would have heard more.  My sister and I tried to be loud to alert them we were in the house, but they didn't notice.  They complained about something needing to be done and seemed to just want to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible.  There was a complaint about us (the homeowners) but I couldn't make it all out because we were trying to talk to let them know we were there. 


Are you kidding me?  I wanted to go around the corner and introduce myself as the homeowner to be and see if there was a problem.  But my sister said no!  It would be different if we had one of our husbands with us.  Needless to say the cleaning ladies ran right over and told them we were there, and it got eerily quiet after that.  I wish I wouldn't have said a thing to try an alert them.  I wish I would have listened more closely.  I wish I would have gone over and talked to them.


I called my husband who is LIVID!!!  And extremely concerned.  He wants to know what's wrong with the house that the workers wouldn't live there and seem to be cutting corners.  And why was lumber going in (maybe they were going to prop up my granite.  lol). 

He instructed me to email our PM immediately and have him call my husband.  So I did.

I'm just at a loss right now.  We love our home!  And I understand people have bad days and need to vent.  But this sounded .....   like venting but also like ... I don't know.

I'm so numb right now.



    1. HOUSE PHONE IS DEAD AND WON'T BE FIXED UNTIL TOMORROW (if you you know me on FB you know about this as I posted it this morning)

    He and I have communicated through Emails and my husband has reached him. He is on top of this and wants to find out what in the world is going on. YAY!! GO PM!!

  2. UPDATE 2: OMG!!!

    Ok, so today has NOT been a good day. I left my mom's tonight and went back by the house. =) It was locked up, but lights were on, so I peered in.

    Front hall was torn up. Hubby says PM talked to him. That's what all the workers were for today. The wall was not "plum". Whatever that means. Anyway, our PM noticed and is having them fix it. GO PM!!!! (however this does make me wonder about the comment the men in the hall made about not wanting to live in my house today).

    I could some carpet in the dining room coming up. Ok...not a hard fix. NO biggie. They still have Wed. after next to do it right. Plenty of time.

    There was also another hole in the wall in the hall. But, if they are tearing up part of the other wall, I can see how this possibly happened. I know this is the kind of stuff that is an easy fix. (not sure about that plum wall being an easy fix, but happy they are fixing it).

    But the kicker....what REALLY worried me was the fact that my house was completely locked up, and the fireplace was on!!! Fire just a going. Maybe someone did this on purpose. But to me, it seems a bit irresponsible for someone to leave a fire going in a a house, all night, with NO supervision.

    My hubby tried to contact to our PM. His phone is dead. =/

    Needless to say tonight, I am NOT a happy camper. Not at all.

  3. Wow, what a day you have had Noey. I am sure everything is okay. Most importantly the house had to pass inspections from the county so too much cannot be wrong, also Ryan has to fix anything wrong with the house the first year. If something is really screwed up I know that it will show up within the year.

    The contractors just seem disgruntle because they were asked to do something extra, or to redo something and were probably just frustrated. Don't worry honey, I know everything will be fine! Keep us updated.

  4. UPDATE 3: Email from PM:

    No cause for concern. They started up the gas and HVAC today. They leave the fireplace switch up to bleed out the air in the line until it lights. It will be fine, but just as a precaution, I am going to head that way and turn it off.


    SHEW!! An explanation AND he's going to shut it off!! How great is he!!! Also noticed his emails end in Production Supervisor. Does this mean we should start calling our PMs, PSs? lol

    So it's been a long day, but I got all my answers (except to him moving the light in the kitchen and about the granite. Which I'm sure he will address tomorrow in an email). He is on top of it all, and fixing it all. He brings me peace of mind! He needs a raise. He is probably not paid enough to deal with people like me. lol

    Chelly: Thank you hon. *hugs* That helps so much.

  5. Hmmm, yeh, what the heck did that mean? (what the workers said about not living int he house)
    Make sure you check everything thoroughly before closing in case the workers are cutting corners on something on purpose for some reason. hmmmm, I'd be very concerned too. Hope it works out.

  6. Anon...I wrote another post about what we believe it to mean. I think the workers were ticked off b/c they had other stuff to do and "Ryan didn't care they just wanted this done".

    Trying to remain calm.....