Friday, July 1, 2011

I met my nieghbor!!!! *happy dance* And # 20

My niece's preschool had their 4th of July parade today around their parking lot. It's really cute. All the kids dress up in red, white, and blue. They all make things and hold signs and wave at their parents. They bring a fire truck out for the kids to look at and in. We sing the National Anthem and say the Pledge of Allegiance. The kids are always so proud. We went out to support my niece. =)

ANYWAY.... a friend of mine (and old neighbor) was there for her kids. We got to talking and she pointed out Rocky's wife to me!! (If you have been following for a while you know my neighbor-to-be, Rocky, has been following my blog as one of the Anons). I felt so bad for her being out in the heat and pregnant! But she seemed to be handling it well! At the end of the parade I went up and said hello and introduced myself. I couldn't stay long. Her class was getting ready to take pictures it seems. But at least I got to say hi!!

My old neighbor was telling me she was due to deliver around their time of closing the end of July. Our houses are neck and neck so I can only assume we should be closing around the same time. How stressful to be that far along AND move! I have moved pregnant twice! NOT FUN!!! Anyway, she seemed very sweet! I think I startled her though! Hope I didn't scare her! lol

So for my countdown today ... # 20 Bigger kids closets!!

The closets in this house are TINY!!! My two eldest girls share one that is just under 3 ft wide. Small closet to fit 2 girls close in. So the girls are sharing dressers and small closet space. It's no wonder we have their clothes spread out in other small closets upstairs AND hanging off their bunk bed.

I can't tell you how trashy this makes us feel. No one should have to live this way. And we have NEVER been accustomed to living this way! But you do what you have to do. We were lucky to find a place willing to help us out and rent to us in the middle of a bankruptcy. We knew it would be temporary. (One of my moves while pregnant was to here. So yeah...a b/k, a move, AND pregnant! That was stressful.)

We are all SO thrilled that they will each not only have their own rooms now, but enough closet space for both their clothes and some of their toys! And their shoes too!  =D    =D    =D

This house is definitely going to change our quality of life.  And there is a LOT to be said for that!


  1. You are so right and quality of life is so important to help mold young kids into productive, respectful members of society!!

  2. So funny, my wife just informed me about you meeting her, I was so happy to finally know that you guys have met. We always hope to run into you guys whenever we go check out the house but we never have any She was also so happy to meet you, and shocked lol. such a small world. We were also very shocked to noticed the island. We dont remember seeing it that big neither and you know we are definitely not complaining neither. I wonder if its a way for them to make sure we give them those 10's j/k

  3. Thanks BD

    LOL Rocky! I was relieved to have met her! Don't get me wrong, you seem like a great guy!! It's just that I felt a tiny bit awkward not having had met your wife yet. I didn't mean to have shocked her! I'm sorry! She seems lovely!!

    Oh yay!! You have a bigger island too! =) I love it! It was a nice surprise!! LOL about those 10's!

  4. lol. I definitely understand, if she could she would be blogging with you. It just so happens that our laptop's cord is not working so she doesnt have access to the internet. Since I have access at work I basically do it for her. Trust me I always inform her of everything about the blogs and conversations. Hopefully we get to meet your husband and break some ice. lol.We are going to go see the house later today at about 6:00 or so, Julia is so anxious because according to J. all carpet was supposed to be completed today.

  5. My kids are going to be soooo mad!! They don't want your house to be ahead of our house. lol Our Carpet is suppose to start either today or tomorrow. lol They get jealous if they hear you are ahead of us. lol When do you close?

    Hubby works a TON!! But he's a good guy!! Can't wait for us all to finally meet!

    My eldest has a check up a little after 3 for some medication, then we have shopping to do, but I plan on going by this afternoon. =D The model closes at 6. How do you get in?

  6. lol I cannot tell my secrets..j/k I will be there before 600 to try to get C. to let us borrow the keys, since Julia dont get out till 600 I will just meet her there. We are having our final walk on the 21st and are closing on the 26th. Hopefully they give your husband a good break from all that hard work. Oh yeah I also met our neighbor who is building the Milan on the other side of my house. She seemed pretty cool too, she also had a daughter who I think is also around our daughters age of 6.